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Who Can I Sue For A Wind Farm Accident?

Coal mining and nuclear power plants are hazardous, but wind power plants are not without their risks to workers and the general public. Wind turbines are complex machines that can be dangerous if improperly designed, poorly manufactured, or not maintained well. Accidents can also be caused by improper or insufficient training of workers, managers, and supervisors. If you’re seriously injured in a wind farm accident, you could be facing large out-of-pocket health care expenses and long-term disability that could be financially devastating. That’s why it’s crucial to speak to an experienced wind farm accident attorney to find out if you have a case. The Morgan Legal Group takes on the insurance companies and big corporations on your behalf - call (713) 969-5026 to schedule a free consultation.

What Makes Wind Farms Hazardous?

Wind turbine technology is evolving and so are the safety standards that govern their manufacturing, installation, and use. These are the most common types of wind farm accidents:

  • Installation Injuries: These accidents occur when wind turbine foundations, high voltage cables, and other infrastructure are installed. Diving accidents are especially common for offshore wind farms.

  • Falls: During installation or maintenance, workers can suffer catastrophic injuries or fatalities from falling from the great heights present at wind farms.

  • Helicopter Collisions: Offshore or remote locations often require the use of helicopters that are prone to collisions with wind turbines.

  • Extreme Weather: The frequency and magnitude of hurricanes and tropical storms in the Gulf area, increases the risk of offshore wind turbine failure. Lightning and tornados are other common safety risks within a wind farm.

  • Parts Falling Off: When parts fly off of wind turbines, due to a variety of causes, bystanders can be injured.

  • Shock and Electrocution: The presence of high-voltage and small work areas make wind farm shock injuries and electrocutions common.

If you’ve been injured in a wind turbine accident, it’s important to contact an experienced wind farm accident attorney as soon as possible so that deadlines are met and evidence is preserved.

Can I Sue For Money Damages?

The general public can sue the owners and operators of wind farms if they are injured due to their negligence; however, in most cases, injured workers cannot sue their employers and are limited to collecting workers compensation benefits when they get hurt on the job. There is an exception to workers compensation as the exclusive remedy for workers when an employer purposely took actions that they knew might result in an injury. The courts have narrowly construed these exceptions, so injured workers are wise to seek the assistance of an experienced Texas wind farm accident attorney who can determine whether an exception is applicable. If it’s not possible to sue their employer, an experienced Texas wind turbine lawyer may be able to identify a responsible third party. For example, if the accident was caused by a component designed and manufactured by a third-party company, the component manufacturer can be sued.

Texas Wind Farm Accident Attorney

If you’ve been injured in a wind farm accident, it’s important to hire a wind farm attorney with experience in this area. There are specific maritime, federal, state, and local laws that govern the wind farm industry that are constantly evolving, so it’s important to hire a specialist that follows this area of the law closely. It’s important to act quickly so that the wind farm company can be served with a notice to preserve evidence, such as failed components or parts, that may have caused the accident. Attorney Clinton Morgan, the founder of the Morgan Legal Group, has worked in the wind industry for more than a decade, giving him unparalleled insight into what can go wrong and who’s responsible. Call (713) 969-5026 to schedule a free consultation.

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