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Seeking Justice For A Client Who Fell 60 Foot Inside A Wind Turbine Tower

The Morgan Legal Group supports sustainable energy; however, the Morgan Legal Group fights for sustainable energy workers to ensure that sustainable energy is sustainable for everyone—especially those who work in the industry.

The Morgan Legal Group is currently representing a young man who sustained serious injuries after falling almost sixty-feet inside a wind turbine tower. The young man miraculously survived the fall, but his life is forever changed because of his injuries.

Wind energy companies profit from the hard work of those who construct and operate wind farms. Wind energy companies have a duty to ensure those working in their towers are safe. If they fail to do this, preventable accidents such as this one forever change lives. Now, this young man needs compensation for the damages caused by this fall.

Clinton Morgan, the founder of the Morgan Legal Group, has over a decade of experience working in and around wind turbines. He understands the complexities of wind farm construction and operations. The Morgan Legal Group will use this experience to fight for the justice this young man deserves.

The Morgan Legal Group has partnered with Arnold & Itkin to represent this client. We filed this case in Cook County, Illinois.

If you have been hurt while working at a wind farm, call (713) 969-5026 for a free consultation.

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