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Help For Victims Of Industrial Accidents

Industrial accidents can cause catastrophic injuries that result in significant out-of-pocket medical expenses and long-term disability that can impact a worker's entire family. Before studying law, Attorney Clinton Morgan worked for one of the largest oil companies in the country as a Safety Manager, so he knows how much the risk of injury escalates when businesses are negligent, reckless, or intentionally ignore safety precautions. Attorney Clinton Morgan founded the Morgan Legal Group to help workers injured in industrial accidents get the justice they deserve by looking beyond worker's compensation as the "exclusive remedy". Sometimes it is possible to find a third party that holds responsibility for the accident. A prompt investigation is crucial so that deadlines are met and evidence is preserved. Call The Morgan Legal Group at (713) 969-5026 to schedule a free consultation.

What Are Some Of The Most Dangerous Industries?

The most dangerous industries are ones where heavy machinery is used, toxic chemicals are present, or working at high elevations is required. Workers in these industries provide a valuable service to our economy, but the risk of catastrophic injury or death is high. These are some of the sectors with the highest rates of industrial accidents resulting in severe injury or death:

  • Oil Refineries;

  • Drilling rigs;

  • Chemical plants;

  • Construction sites for skyscrapers;

  • Paper mills;

  • Metal manufacturing;

  • Factories;

  • Warehouses; and

  • Mines.

Investigations of industrial accidents sometimes reveal that the people in charge intentionally allowed a dangerous condition to persist because alleviating it would cut their profits. To overcome the "exclusive remedy" exception for worker's compensation in Texas, you must prove that the employer was aware of the specific risk to them personally and failed to correct it.

More commonly, the accident was caused, at least partly, by the actions of third parties that the worker can hold responsible for the accident. These cases require the expertise of an experienced Houston industrial accident attorney with enough understanding of the industry to hold the responsible parties liable.

Compensation For Victims Of Industrial Accidents in Texas

Worker's compensation provides victims with benefits for health care and lost earnings, but has an "HMO-like" fee schedule that doesn't offer severely injured workers access to state-of-the-art care. That's why it's essential to hire an experienced Houston industrial accident attorney that will conduct an investigation that can uncover intentional acts or responsible third parties that can be held accountable for their wrongdoing.

When it is possible to hold the employer or a third party accountable, victims can collect large amounts of compensation for their economic and non-economic damages such as:

  • State-of-the-art healthcare;

  • Accommodations to their home and vehicle;

  • Lost future earning capacity;

  • Education and retraining;

  • Pain;

  • Suffering; and

  • Mental Anguish.

For catastrophically injured workers, getting the justice they deserve in the form of a substantial amount of compensation can enable them to heal more quickly and minimize the financial impact on their families. In order to have the greatest chance of success, it's important to hire an experienced Houston industrial accident attorney that can begin an investigation as soon as possible. The Morgan Legal Group offers victims a free consultation and doesn't charge a fee until they collect money.

Houston Industrial Accident Attorney

Industrial accidents are complicated, and it's challenging to overcome the presumption of worker's compensation as the exclusive remedy for injured workers. That's why it's crucial to hire a Houston industrial accident attorney with a great deal of experience with this type of case. The Morgan Legal Group leaves no stone unturned to uncover responsible third parties with deep pockets that can provide severely injured workers with the resources they need to get a new lease on life. Call (713) 969-5026 to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Houston industrial accident attorney who will patiently review your case and provide advice about your legal rights.

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