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Can I Choose My Own Body Shop Following A Car Accident in Texas?

Yes, Texas law gives you the right to choose which body shop you have repair your vehicle. Following a car accident, you have the right to have your car repaired by a reputable shop and you have the right to pick the shop as well. The insurance company may recommend a car repair shop; however, the final decision of where you go is up to you.

Is it better for me to use the body shop recommended by the insurance company?

Maybe. Almost all of the insurance companies have preferred body shops that they have contracts with. Generally, these contracts are a benefit for both the body shop and the insurance company because, in exchange for a steady stream of business, the body shops agree to lower rates on labor and discounts on parts.

In some situations, the contracts between the insurance company and the body shops could be a benefit to you as well. By choosing a repair shop recommended by an insurer, it may streamline your repair process and allow you to get your vehicle repaired more quickly. This will generally allow you to be back on the road faster.

Another benefit of choosing the insurance's body shop is that generally these body shops have been vetted by the insurance company. Most of the reputable insurance companies require that their contracted body shops meet certain criteria for equipment and training. Further, most will also require that contracted body shops provide lifetime warranties on any repairs made.

Still, there are situations in which you may want to use a body shop not contracted by the insurance company, which is your right. The insurance company cannot prohibit you from choosing the body shop your want. Additionally, the insurance company must pay a reasonable price for the repairs at the body shop you chose.

If you choose your own body shop, you may get some pushback from the adjuster. The adjuster may tell you that if you choose a body shop not on their list they will not be able to handle your repairs efficiently. They may tell you that they cannot guarantee the repairs. Do not be bullied. If you have chosen a reputable body shop, the body shop will guarantee its repairs and work with the adjuster to get your vehicle repaired in an efficient matter.

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Nov 04, 2022

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