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Virtual Reality Helps Wind Turbine Safety

Updated: May 25, 2021

According to FutureScot, wind turbine technician safety training could be gaining a high tech component. A university-developed virtual reality (VR) game could help save the lives of wind turbine technicians who are at risk of fatal accidents or serious injury without regular refresher training.

The game was created by students at Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) after a study that found technicians struggle to recall key emergency rescue steps within a month of their initial training and need regular practice to maintain their skill level. The GCU study tested more than 80 wind technicians in the procedural use of rescue kit over a three-month period. It found the average competency levels dropped rapidly within one month of initial training without any routine hands-on practice.

The VR game is designed to be ‘played’ by wind turbine technicians and simulates the key procedures of wind turbine operations emergency scenarios. The VR game could offer a cost-effective and fun way to deliver top-up refresher training, specifically focused on emergency rescue procedures. It is a quick way to offer a visual, hands-on reminder of key emergency steps, without the cost of a life-sized rescue and emergency simulation.


I spent well over a decade working in Wind Energy prior to attending law school and founding the Morgan Legal Group. Many of my family members and friends still work in sustainable energy. The Morgan Legal Group supports sustainable energy and fights for sustainable energy workers to ensure that sustainable energy is sustainable for everyone—including those who work in the industry.

If you were injured while working at a wind farm, you need an experienced advocate to fight for justice for you. I understand the complexities of working at a wind farm and will use my experience to fight for you. If you need help, contact the Morgan Legal Group for a free case consultation and plan for how I would advocate for you.

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