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$26,411.00 Settlement For A Car Accident Insurance Claim

The Morgan Legal Group obtained a $26,411.00 settlement for a local family after a car accident. The other driver was drunk and left the scene of the accident abandoning his car. Clinton tracked down the other driver's information and filed a claim on his insurance. Not surprisingly, the other driver's insurance policy had lapsed. Clinton filed a claim with our client's insurance provider to seek coverage for property damages. Usually in this situation, the client's insurance provider would pay for the damages and our client could move on with his life; however, this client's insurance provider improperly handled the claim and caused our client even further damages and delays in getting on with his life. Clinton stood up for the client and demanded the insurance company pay for its mistakes and the cost from their delays in handling the claim. Ultimately, the insurance company, when faced with pending litigation, settled the case netting our client an additional $3,291.00 after attorney's fees for the mishandling of the claim and putting $10,007.00 in the client's pocket after paying off his vehicle.

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